International United Technology Co., LTD (IUT) was incorporated in 1998. The company has integrated a strong technical team from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) with thermal inkjet technology. With the continuous support of the Technology Promotion Project by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the company has fully dedicated itself in the development of key technologies in inkjet print cartridges. Matured mass production and sales have begun since July 1999.


With the popularity of tablet PCs, personal or family print demand gradually reduced.

With professional thermal inkjet print technology and patent research, IUT produced more than twenty species, 10 million chip on tab and print head, since 2007, iut has gradually shifted to customized print head for industrial applications , according to customer needs to do the relevant design and manufacturing. Customized sprinklers wide range of applications: carton printing, mail printing, medicine bag printing, financial printing systems, nails printing, eggs printing, biomedical technology ...... and other aspects.

A novel outlook to a new business partnership

We are pleased to bring you the news of the pristine merger of International United Technology (IUT) and Asustek (Asus) Computer Inc. With effect from 1 April 2004, Asus is now a major shareholder in IUT.

ASUSTek Computer Inc., founded in 1989, is the world's largest motherboard manufacturer, and among the world's top three consumer notebook brand. By incorporating the vast resources of Asus and its business scope, IUT is expected to uplift business operations and to expand prospects.