Education and Related Experience of IUT's Technical Team
Root of the IUT Inkjet Technology
  The IUTís technical team is rooted from ITRI. Counting from the start-up of RD in the OES Lab of ITRI till now, IUT has accumulated over ten years of experience in RD in printing technologies and volume production of related products. The Company has reap significant results in the development of printing systems and print heads both in the components development and the cartridge integration. IUT has delivered a total of more than six millions print cartridges worldwide.
Ink jet print cartridges are key components in the consumable market and are perceived to have huge business opportunities. Since its first volume production in 1999, IUT has developed series of print head cartridges compatible to both HP and Lexmarkís printers. In Taiwan, we are an unique organization which combines the capabilities of printing system and inkjet print head developments. IUT is a part of the ASUS Group. Leveraging ASUSí superior edge and experience in computer system mass production, IUT is dedicated to provide to all customers high quality and large variety of technology and production services.
Inkjet History in OES